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Dental Health Resources

Here, our Oakville dentists and team share helpful resources, tips and advice for your dental health.

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Advice from Our Dentists

Read our dental blog regularly for tips and advice about your oral health from our Oakville dentists.

What are the benefits of a dental bridge?

If you have a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth, you may be considering the pros and cons of various tooth replacement options. Here, our Oakville dentists discuss some of the dental health benefits of replacing missing teeth with dental bridges, compared to those of dental implants and dentures.

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Are dental veneers permanent?

Dental veneers can address a number of aesthetic issues, but are they a permanent solution? Our Oakville dentists explain what you should know about these dental restorations.

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Do I have sleep apnea, or am I just snoring?

Sleep apnea and snoring may seem similar, but they are two completely different issues. Here, our Oakville dentists explain the differences, and why they're important.

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Dental Crowns & Bridges for Missing Teeth

Here, our Oakville dentists help to explain the difference and what you can expect from your tooth replacement.

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Sleep Apnea - What It Is & Treatment Options

Sleep is vital to your health and overall wellbeing. That's why dentists offer solutions for sleep disorders, like sleep apnea. Here, our Oakville dentists explain what sleep apnea is and how they can help with treatment options. 

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The Dental Bridge Procedure

Our Oakville dentists use dental bridges to replace missing teeth. Here, our dentists explain what a dental bridge is and what the procedure entails.

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3 Signs You May Need a Root Canal

While problems related to the root and pulp of your tooth can only be diagnosed by a dentist, there are some symptoms you should look out for. Here, our Oakville dentists outline three signs that you may need a root canal.

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Gum Disease & Gum Care: Information, Prevention & Care

Our Oakville dentists explain how to prevent periodontitis and improve gum health.

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10 Dental Hygiene Tips for Healthy Teeth & Gums

At dentalhouse Glen Abbey Dental, we know that healthy teeth and gums contribute to overall wellness. Here, our dentists share their top 10 dental hygiene tips for keeping your smile healthy.

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What are the elements of a good brushing and flossing routine?

Bleeding gums can be a sign of dental health complications, many of which are quite severe and require immediate attention. Here, the Oakville dentists from dentalhouse Glen Abbey Dental explain how to prevent and treat bleeding gums, and provide guidance on when there is cause for more serious concern.

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